STEP 2 – How To Use RPM Method To Achieve Your Goals Fast And Easy

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Hope you enjoyed the Step 1 of the training series and did the tasks assigned to you. Now so you know what FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE is, it’s important to know as well how to reach goals faster and easier. Let’s get started with

What is RPM?

RPM stands for Result-Focused, Result-Driven, Massive-Action-Plan. It’s a method that has been found by Anthony Robbins, and many people use it in every day life including myself. Its main objective is to train you to think in an entirely new way, pushing you to focus on what’s truly important in your life.

The problem what people usually do is that they create the to-do list (if they create) they are not goal oriented. They even go through their to do list each day and in the end the feel like that had not really accomplished anything. They mistake to-do’s with goals. And here it comes the power of RPM.

It pushes you to focus first on your GOALS before you figure out what you need to do. After you have created your goals then you design all of your activities that needs to be done in order to achieve the goals you’ve created.

What Are The Three Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Your Start Doing Anything?

Before you start doing anything at all, ask yourself those 3 questions.

1 – What do I really want (your goal/target)? The first step using the RPM is creating your main goals and be very specific about them. Example: It’s a big difference saying “I want to make money” vs “I want to make $1,000 as recurring income in 1 month”. The first variant it’s general. The second is specific and measurable and in 1 month you know what you’re expecting.

2 – What’s my purpose? Once you know what you want, your specific goals, you must ask yourself what’s the purpose that I want to achieve the goal. The purpose it will provide emotional drive to get through and to do whatever it takes to achieve the result you desire. Example: it’s not the same saying “I want to make $1,000 as recurring income in 1 month” vs “I want to make $1,000 in 1 month because it helps pay my bills and feed the family“. As you can see without a strong purpose you there will be fear and doubt and finally you’ll quit.

3 – What’s my plan to accomplish the goal? This is the final question you should ask yourself. How you’re going to accomplish your goal. There are many, many ways to achieve your goal. Simply choose one of the ways, create a plan and stick to it until you finish the plan 100%. You may ask, what if the plan fails? Simply change the plan, but no the goal. Example: You can write an ebook and publish in Amazon, you can create a course and publish in Udemy, you can do direct marketing to recurring products….Note that in this training we are going to use recurring products that you will learn in the step 3 to create monthly revenue with recurring products.

Note: Sequence of the questions is critical. Compare it with a lock is locked with the combination of 4 numbers. Unless you know the right sequence of numbers you’re will open it, otherwise you won’t be able to open the locker. Now let’s

How To Plan Your Day Using RPM Method Towards Your Financial Independence

Before you start doing any task at all you should go through those 2 simple steps:

1. Create the tasks a night before and schedule the block of time for each task you’re going to accomplish them. You can use a notebook or computer notepad to write them.

2. Go through each of the task and commit to them until completion. It’s very important to do one task at a time and fully focus on it. Remove all the distractions such as clean your desk, close all your browsing tabs, close all the social media networks, lower the volume of music.

Remember once you know the results/goals you are after, how to achieve them become immediately clear to you and mastering the RPM method, you will feel more efficient, productive, fulfilled. You will be astounded by the speed where you’re able not only to create the plans, but also act on the plans that produce results.

You will experience “temporary defeat” to reach your goals and what that defeat comes, accept it as a signal that you plans/tasks on are not sounded enough, rebuild the plans and act on them. Remember, if you quit before the main result/goal has been reached, you’re a quitter.

A Quitter Never Wins And Winner Never Quits

Remember – all the time you your plan doesn’t reach the goal, just change it and try another one until you reach the goal.


In this report you have learned:

  • What is RPM
  • The three questions you must ask yourself when you use the RPM
  • How to plan your day using the RPM

What To Do After You Read This Report?

I give you just one exercise to do in order to form the habit to use the RPM.

Think of all the activities you do during the day and do them in terms of RPM. Let’s say you go to gym. This is how you would express the gym activity in terms of RPM:

  • R – To lose 10 pounds (it doesn’t mean you have to lose 10 pounds in one RPM)
  • P – Because feels better or whatever is your reason of going to gym
  • M – Go today at 5:00 pm until 6:00 and commit to do all the necessary exercises.

Note* The sooner the better when you achieve to do your daily tasks in terms of RPM’s.

Congratulations for finishing the Step 1 and Step 2, now click the button below to go to the 3’rd step and create the financial plan and choose one of the methods to advertise the recurring products.

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