Make Money Online With Affiliate Recurring Products Using Bing Ads

Make money online with recurring products – it’s one of the best ways to make money as passive income stream in long term. You get paid on monthly basis once you advertise the product.


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In this lesson you’re going to learn to be how to make money online with recurring products using Bing Ads platform. The name of this business model is called Direct Affiliate Marketing. This model is helpful if you have limited funds and you need some fast cash. You just set a budget like $3 or $4 for the campaign and start running it. Also you can use this online business model to build a real income, more than a couple hundred dollars per week. Now let me tell what

Tools And Resources You Need To Create A Campaign

You need these two things:
  • BingAds account as medium for generating leads
  • An recurring affiliate product you have sign up for, in this case let’s choose ClickMagic.
Note that, you don’t need to create a website or an e-mail follow up to make money with this kind of business model. Now let’s see the

Step By Step Process How Direct Affiliate Marketing Works

Let’s assume you’re promoting ClickMagic product and the potential buyers already knows the product they want to  buy it.
1 – The visitor opens search engine and they start typing the product name on the search bar named “clickmagic” and finally hits the search button as shown below:
2 – After they have clicked the search button, this is searched results that shows up as shown in the figure below. The ad with red arrow it’s a paid ad where the advertiser is marketing this product to the potential buyer.
3 – When the potential buyer has clicked the that ad, then they are delivered to the ClickMagic sales page. Here they start the trial for 14 days, and if they keep the account open, you get full commission on the first month, then 40% of commissions on the coming months.

How To Get Started?

There are 4 main steps how to set up the campaign:
  1. Sign up for Bing Advertising account
  2. Sign up as an affiliate with ClickMagic
  3. Create the campaign with ads on Bing and start running
  4. Collect the money you’ve made
Now let’s go through each step, starting with Step 1

How To Sign Up For Bing Ads Account

Go to Bing ads website  and click “Sign up for Bing Ads” button. After the successful sign up, add the payment method which Bing will charge you in the end of the month for  the clicks that have been made. See the figure below:

How To Sign Up As An ClickMagic Affiliate

Go to website and at the bottom you’ll see the link called “Affiliates”. Sign up, then login and at the affiliates home page you’ll see your personal link, similar like the one shown below:
Similar you sign up for the other affiliate programs. Now let’s see

How To Create The Ads To Promote ClickMagic Membership Site

Step 1 – Log into Bing Ads account and go to Campaigns menu and click “Create campaign” button.
Step 2 – Set up the campaign as described below with bullet points and finally click “Save & go to the next step”:
  • Num (1) – You name the campaign. In this case “ClickMagic”
  • Num (2) – Put $5 per day as a budget for advertisement.
  • Num (3) – Select “Accelerated” radio button
  • Num (4) – Ads location “United States” and “Canada”, but you can choose also the third option where you select the countries manually.
  • Num (5) – You want ads to appear to the targeted locations
  • Num (6) – Finally hit “Save & go to the next step”
Step 3 – Create the Ad group as described and shown in the picture below:
  • Num (1) – Enter your ClickMagic affiliate link
  • Num (2) – Name the ad group, in this case is written “Group 1”
  • Num (3) – They keyword people are going to search for on bing/yahoo. The reason we have put inside the brackets is because we want our ad to show up only when this keyword is entered.
  • Num (4) – Click “Save & go to the next step”
Step 4 – Click Create ad as shown in the Fig. below:
Step 5 – Fill the ad fields: (click in the image for zoom in)
  • Num (1) – Your ClickMagic affiliate link
  • Num (2) – The title of your ad (you want to match the ClickMagic landing page words with the Ad title)
  • Num (3) – Part 2 of the ad title
  • Num (4) – Ad text details of your ad
  • Num (5) – Click “Save”
Step 6 – Now click “Save & go to the next step” button as shown below:
Step 7 – Set up campaign budget (Click on the image for zoom in):
  • Num (1) – your daily spending, start with $5
  • Num (2) – let the bing adjust your bids
  • Num (3) – Let the default bid at $1 per click. This doesn’t mean you’re going to be charged $1, since Bing checks for the best adjustment. Sometimes it can $0.10, or $0.30
  • Num (4) – Ad distribution, you select “Bing, AOL, and Yahoo” option. and finally click “Save” button.
And finally you’ll get a pop up notification that says your bing ad has been created successfully, and waiting for approval from Bing as shown in the image below:

Article Summary

In this article you’ve learned:

  • Tools and resources you need to create a campaign
  • Step by step process show direct affiliate marketing works
  • How to sign up for Bing Ads Account
  • How to sign up for an affiliate program
  • How to create ads to promote clickmagic

What To Do Next

  • Watch the Ad campaign how it’s working every 2 or 3 days, spent at least $20 for campaign to see if it’s profitable or not. Meantime do ad split testing. It’s an article that I’l write it soon how to do so.
  • If you have troubles setting up the campaign, feel free to write me and we’ll schedule an appointment and we can set up one together.

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