How To Create a “PayPal Buy Now” Button To Sell Your Services Or Products

Dear reader if you have been looking how to create a “PayPal Buy Now” button to sell your services or products than here you have a detailed description. It’s fast and easy and you don’t need to know any coding to make it happen.

Must Have Tools To
Create “PayPal Buy Now” Button

Tools you need are:

  • A Premier or a Business PayPal account it’s a must. It’s free of charge to have one. If you don’t have click here to create one!
  • Page where you want to put the button. In this case can be the sales page.
  • The thank you page when the customer purchases from you.
Now Let’s See How The
“PayPal Buy Now” Button Works

This is how the complete process works:

Step 1: Customer comes to your sales page where you’re selling your products or services.

Step 2: The customer clicks the button that looks like in the figure shown below. Or you can customize the image as you wish.

Step 3: After the customer clicks the button this page shows up and they enter their credentials such as the email and password and they press the button “Log In”

Step 4: This confirmation buying page shows up. Now all the customer has to do is to click the button “Pay Now”.

Step 5: After the purchase has been made, the purchase details page shows up. Now if customer clicks the button “Return To Merchant”, than they will be sent to the page as it’s shown below. If it’s a service can be a thank you page. If it’s a digital product, that can be a downloadable page with the promised products!

paypal buy now button

Step 6: After the customer has clicked the “Return to Merchant” this page shows up!

Now we saw a step by step process how the “PayPal Buy Now” button works, and now let’s see the

Step By Step Process How
Create The “PayPal Buy Now” Button

Step 1: Go to your PayPal business account, enter your credentials and type the button “Log In” as shown below:

Step 2: Go to Tools > All Tools as shown below:

Step 3: Go to “PayPal buttons” box and click on it as shown below:

Step 4: After you have clicked “PayPal buttons”, click the link “Create new button” as shown below:

Step 5: After you have clicked “Create new button” another form with 3 steps show up. Let’s fill the “Step 1” of button creation process as shown below:

When you click the highlighted link named “Customize text or appearance” this forms shows up:

Now we are done with the Step 1 of button creation.

Step 6: Let’s go and finish the “Step 2” of button creation process:

Step 7: Let’s finish the “Step 3” of button creation process. Fill the form, in the end press “Create button”.

Step 8: This is the page that appears when the “Create Button” has been clicked. Now copy the code from the “website tab” as shown in this figure:

or you can copy the link in the “Email” tab:

Either code from the “Website” or “Email” tab can be put to your sales page where you’re offering the service or the product you want to sell!

Step 9: Now “Go To My saved buttons” link as shown below:

and this is the button you have created which is named “Product Name”:

Now you are done completely with the button creation process and hope this post has been helpful for you!

Article Summary:

  • You have learned what you need to have in order to create the “PayPal Buy Now” button
  • You have learned how the “PayPal Buy Now” button works
  • You have learned how to create the “PayPal Buy Now” button

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