How BLOG POSITIONING helps you make money online, get a better job, learn new skills!

     Blog Positioning is one of the best way to establish yourself as an authority/leader in your industry in cases such if you want to make money online, get your dream job or get a pay raise from your current job! Also Blog Positioning can be very helpful if you want to learn new skills or form a better working habits which are essential to your success! Shortly we’ll talk how you can do that, but first let’s elaborate

HowBlog Positioning”
Helps You To Make Money Online
By Creating Trust

Let’s say you have chosen to promote a big launch info product! You know the details about the product and you believe that there are people who need this product to solve their problems.

You prepare the advertisement campaign for this lauch. As you advertise the product, you can put your bio link of your site somewhere in the advertisement so the visitor can click there and learn more about you such as who are you, what you do, what you sell, what services you offer.

If they have questions, the can contact you through “Contact Page” or through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+. This is how people know that you’re real and you build trust and create a community with them. Remember, it’s a lot easier to sell when trust is in place. Now let’s see

How “Blog Positioning”
Helps You Get Your Dream Job

Let’s say you just graduated from college, or simply you want to get the job your. Here are the steps how blog positioning helps you:

Step 1: Go and check for which company you want to work for, learn whatever you can for them. See if the conditions are good for the employees, check if there are opportunities to grow. Read what the company does, with who they work, who are their customers, what products do they have.

Step 2: Then go and read the 3 best books on that field where you want to apply for the job. Don’t worry if there is a job opening or not.  Write on your blog with your own words the best tips and tricks you have learned from the books.

Step 3: After you’ve been prepared for the job with your blog, go directly to the company and ask for an interview. You tell the employer about the site if they want more detailed info for your services. In the end end they will see that you are a commitment and hard working man, so you have high chances to get hired. Now let’s see

How “Blog Positioning”
Helps You Learn New Skills

Before you start to learn a new skill, you must know where you’re going to apply the skill. The steps are similar just like applying for the job. Here is the step by step process:

Step 1: Go grab the best 2 or 3 books or get any online course for that skill. Read, watch and apply the skill you’re learning!

Step 2: Write blog posts with your own words the skill you have learned and applied. The posts you write are proof that you know the skill.

Step 3: You can create the service for the skill you have learned through your blog. You create a sales page for that service by explaining into details what you offer and how that can be beneficial to the customer. In the end of the sales page you create the PayPal Buy Now Button to sell the service! You can see a sample how I’ve done that on my blog by clicking the Services tab and then you see the offers I’ve created. You can do the same!

What Are The Key
Pages Of Your Blog

Below I’ve put an image of my site with basic pages:

Home Page – is very important because it is the first page many visitors see. And your home page should tell what your site does, what it’s about and who is it for. If you want to monetize the site, on home page you can put a free gift where you are going to give it away to your readers in exchange for their email address. Because you want to build you own list with people!

Blog Post Page – It’s the most visited page where you attract people to your site by writing articles. This articles solve a specific problem. If you use the site to make money online you write posts by using keywords, terms, phrases that people are looking for and this is known as a SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When the people type on Google for a certain term, then your post will appear on top of the Google search. If you have created the blog for your dream job, then it’s not necessary to apply any SEO tips, just write good content, so the employer is satisfied!

About Page – You write a quick bio for yourself. Tell the story why and how you started the blog. In the end you tell how the reader can be helped through the site!

Contact Page -If someone is interested in your services or have questions, they can contact you through this page. Email, Subject and Message are the required fields for the visitors to write you!

Services Page – At some point people will come to you to ask for services. Whatever skills you learn, you want to create a service for it.

So far you know what are the main pages you should have for your blog and now let’s see

What Are Other Benefits As
You Start The Blog Along The Way

YOU BECOME A BETTER WRITER – As you write you become better for every day. This is a skill you develop as you build your blog. And that helps a lot to write good content. Also with this writing skill you can apply to work online as a writer for different type of jobs.

YOU CREATE TRUST AND NETWORK – People that come to your site can interact with you by commenting on blog posts, they can also join you on social networks for group discussions.

YOUR ENGLISH GETS BETTER – If English it’s not your native language, then this is how you English it’s going to get better, because you talk to people and write most of the time.

YOU CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOURSELF – There are people that like what you do. There can be any entrepreneur who would like to ask you to corporate for any project that you might be interested.

You Can Say – I Want To Start
A Blog But I Don’t Have Computer Skills?

Mostly people are scared when technical things are mentioned, they think, they have to know programming! But the thing is you don’t need to know programming skills because there are themes already build for you. You can do it by yourself by watching a tutorial on YouTube or wherever you want.

Also if you don’t want to be bothered with blog creation process, you can outsource. But my suggestion is at some point you must come to a place where you must do some work yourself and that’s why you it’s better you learn yourself a little bit. You can find online courses on YouTube, Udemy for free how to build your blog. Just type “WordPress Tutorial” and there are tons of lessons where you can watch and apply. If you want the service done for you click the link “Professional Looking WordPress Website” and I’ll do the service for you. Now let’s see

What Tools And Resources
You Need To Start a Blog?

At this stage you know what is a blog itself, what means blog positioning, what are the benefits of having a blog and what can you do if you don’t have computer and writing skills, because those are essential for you to get started. Now let’s through step by step process what you need in order to start a blog.

Choosing Hosting – Where you want to select host your site. There are different hosts you can start with but I highly recommend BlueHost. They have very good customer support and cheap prices for hosting! Note that I’m an affiliate of BlueHost.

Selecting a Domain Name – This is your name of the site. If there is a certain niche you want to get started, you can think of a name related to that niche. Otherwise you can create the blog on your name like “”. If you buy a hosting from BlueHost you get a free domain for a year!

Installing WordPress Platform – This in what platform you’re going to use your site. WordPress is free, fast and easy to manage it.

Updating And Customizing WordPress Theme – There are free themes that you can use for you blog. If you want more advanced you can buy one that full fills your needs!

Integrating Essential WordPress plugins – Here I’m writing few essential plugins you must have such as Google Analytics for tracking your blog, Social Sharing buttons to share your content, Contact Form plugin – for people to contact you. If you want to apply SEO, then I suggest to use Yoast SEO plugin.

Email Autoresponder – You want to create a subscribe form for people who want to subscribe and be notified whenever there is new content published. Or you can give away any freebie to get the visitors email address! I myself use Aweber!

Logo For Your Site – That can be simply your name, or if there is a certain niche you can name the niche as you wish!

How To Monetize
Your Blog?

There are lots of way to monetize your blog, but here I’m mentioning few of them:

Service Page – where you offer services such as
– Freelancing
– Coaching
– Consulting

Affiliate Products – you advertise the products you use and believe in them through your site. You tell people how they can benefit from using those products.

Google AdSense – This is a google service which is designed to display text, or video or image advertisements on your site. And you earn money when site visitors view or click the ads!

eBooks, Reports – You read books, and you write a review of that book or write a blog post of that book and in the end you put the link of that book! Also you can write your own short reports where you can give them away or sell if you want. Also you can do product reviews that you use and trust. You simply write a blog post and in the end of the post you put the link of the product for people to buy!

Banner Advertising – When you site has lots of traffic you can sell banner advertising from your site for a specific monthly price.

Email Marketing – You can give away a freebie in exchange for the visitors email. Then you can do advertising to them through e-mail!

How To Create The
Marketing Plan For Your Blog?

When it comes creating the marketing plan, this is another skill you want to create. At this stage you have the blog already set up, you have monetize it, you have good content written. You have services, you have affiliate links in place and all that stuff.

There are different ways you can do the marketing of your blog but we are going to mention few of them:

Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) – where you share the content you have written.

SEO (you learn SEO, when people search on Google, your site shows up on top of the first page. They simply click the link and your site shows up)

Blog Commenting (People leave comments to different sites), the comment has to be eye catching and valuable. When someone sees the comment, the click your profile.

Article Marketing – There are sites out there, they you can write articles for them. When people read those articles, they can click the bio link from the article and they come to you!

Warning:* Don’t try to all of them at the same time because it’s hard, you get tired. This is one of the mistakes I’ve done on the past! Now what I’ve done, is just focus in one channel and master that one!

Don’t Make The
Mistakes As I Did?

As you start your blogging journey, you have to be careful not to do the mistakes I used to. I’m just naming them and writing short explanation for each of them.

Procrastinating – Personally used to procrastinate and leave things for tomorrow waiting for the right time to be. But the thing is that there is never the right time. Take action when you have something on your mind. First create the plan and take action towards it!

Not Being Persistent – When you start executing your plan, be sure to go to the end of the plan. Persist and don’t quit before fulfilling your plan.

Doing Multitasking – Personally used to do multitasking and in the end I ended up with nothing. No task finished, tired, and lost ambition! And they key to solve this problem is to do one task at the time.

Hope you enjoyed the article,

P.S. If you want position yourself with a blog for whatever you need, feel free to contact me through the “Contact Page” for consulting. Fill your name and email which are mandatory. In the Subject box write “Blog Positioning” because that’s how I know what the email is about! In the Message Box be specific what you want to achieve with Blog Positioning. Then I’m going to give you a strategic plan of action for free.

At the end of this initial planning session one of these two things will happen:

  1. You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If this is the case, I’ll wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep in touch with me to let me know how you’re doing!
  2. You love the plan and ask to become my client so I can personally help you execute and profit from it ASAP.

Wish best of you!

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