Hi and welcome to MoneyMakingTutorial.Com
I’m Albert from Kosovo, web designer/programmer and internet marketer. Worked 9 to 5 until January 2017, then I quit the job to work full time online, after I was able to make the living from the internet.

Why I Created MoneyMakingTutorial.Com

I enjoy reading in the free time and read lots of books on self-development, financial education, and internet marketing. Few books that changed my mindset, habits and see how money works were “Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill”, “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – Dale Carnegie”, “Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki”, “Cash-flow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki”, which I really encourage YOU to read those books.

One day I said “Why I just don’t create a site where I share all the knowledge I learn” and this is how MoneyMakingTutorial started.

What Can You Expect From This Site

Here you will learn how to become FINANCIALLY FREE by going through the three step process:

Who Is This For

This website is for employees or self-employees and what to turn active income earnings into passive income earnings.

Active Income Earnings – It’s the money you make by working 9 to 5 job or you’re an self-employee (for example: freelancer) and you spent all the time just working. It’s important to note that, in this case you’re exchanging time for money.

Passive Income Earnings – It’s the money you without being at workplace. Which means you get paid while you sleep, once you have done investments right. Note that, you’re not exchanging time for money

Look at the figure below and you’ll the cash-flow quadrant with 4 categories of people (employee, self-employed, business owner, investor), and the aim of this site is to help you go from employee to business owner or investor. Or from self-employed to business owner or investor.

What If You Don’t Have Any Source Of Income?

You have two choices. Get a job in your local area and make money in order to invest online to create passive income stream

  1. Get a job in your local area to make money in order to invest online to create passive income that you will learn on the Step 3 of the training series.
  2. Become self-employee and work online. To do so you have to learn new skills, depending of what you want. I propose you learn how to become a web designer, build a website for yourself first then start doing freelancing to build sites for others and make quick bucks. This is how I got started freelancing as self-employed and quit the 9 to 5. And now I’m building passive income streams, which going from self-employed to investor. You can learn more how to make free website and earn money online.

How To Get The Most Of This Website?

To get the most from this website is to asses yourself and see at what stage of financial position and where you want to go you’re at by filling this application form. Once you have done that you should set up your first financial goal you want to achieve by going through the 3 step process of the training.

To your success,