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Here you will learn how to become MAKE MONEY ONLINE and become FINANCIALLY FREE. And you’re going to achieve that through three main steps.

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FINANCIALLY FREE – means you have multiple Passive Income Streams that are enough to pay your monthly expenses and still have enough money to invest to create even more money.

Here Is How People Make Money Through This Cashflow Quadrant

EMPLOYEE – earns money by holding a job and working for a person or a company

SELF EMPLOYED – earns money by working for himself. An example would be a freelancer.

BUSINESS OWNER – owns a business that generates money for them.

INVESTOR – earns money from their various assets investments.

The problem being an employee or self-employee is because you have only one source of income, and you should ask yourself what happens to you if you get sick, or get fired. And the second problem is that you have to exchange time for money.

Business owner has already people working for them, which helps him maintain stay wealthy and investor has already bought enough assets that generate cash for them, even they don’t work at all. An example would be Warren Buffet.

ASSETS – means something that puts money in your pocket without needing you to work for it.

How Poor, Middle And Wealthy People Spend Their Money?

Poor and Middle class spend their money on expenses and acquiring liabilities that they think are assets. See the figure how their cash spending’s work.

Wealthy class spends their money acquiring assets that produce enough money to cover their expenses and have enough money to re invest. See the fig. below

LIABILITY  – means something that takes money out of your pocket. Example: your credit card

How Do You Know You Are Wealthy?

The answer is very simple: “Wealth is a person’s ability to live many months/years forward if they stop working today. Example: Let’ say you have already a cash flow asset that makes you $1,000 a month. And your monthly expenses are $2,000. So at what stage of wealth are you? Assuming a 30 day month, you have enough cash flow for half a month. If you create a $2,000 a month cash flow from your assets, then you are wealthy.

What If Your Expenses Increase?

If your expanses increase, then you first must increase the cash flow of assets column to pay for your expenses, in order to maintain the level of wealth. This is the biggest mistake the poor and middle class do, they buy things on credit, instead of investing on assets.

What Should You Do To Become Financially Free/Wealthy?

Your first financial goal should be to buy assets that generate enough cash flow that you would be able to cover your monthly expenses. Don’t buy consumption items or liabilities (car, house, expensive watch, etc..) until you reach your first target. You do that by going through the 3 step process mentioned in the beginning of the home page. Click the button below to start with the step 1.

Your second financial goal is to have the excess cash flow from your assets reinvested in the asset column. The more money goes into your asset column, the more money your asset column makes. The more money your assets makes, the more your cash flow grows.