How To Make Money Online With ClickBank & Bing Ads Without A Website

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Today’s lesson is going to be how to make money online selling products from ClickBank marketplace. The name of this business model is called Direct Affiliate Marketing. This model is helpful if you have really limited funds and you need some fast cash. You just set a budget like $3 or $4 for the campaign and start running it. Also you can use this online business model to build a real income, more than a couple hundred dollars per week. Now let me tell you the

Tools And Resources You
Need To Create A Campaign?

Note that, you don’t need a website or an e-mail auto responder to make money with this kind of business model.

Step By Step Process How
Direct Affiliate Marketing

Let’s assume you want to promote Long Tail Pro product. Now let’s see how the process works.

1. The visitor opens the search engine such as and they start searching for the product named “long tail pro”. This product is for searching keywords. In the the visitor clicks the Search button as shown below:

longtailprosearch2. After they have clicked the Search button, this is the page that appears as shown below. Ads with red arrow are paid ads and the advertiser markets the product to the potential buyer. The potential buyer or visitor clicks in one of the links.


3. The potential buyer after has clicked the link goes to the sales page, or goes to website review. In our the selling site for the Long Tail Pro product is shown below. And if the visitor (potential buyer) buys the product the advertiser gets affiliate commission for its sale.


How To Get Started With
Direct Affiliate Marketing?

I created 4 main steps how setup Different Affiliate Marketing Business model:

  1. Sign up for Bing Advertising account.
  2. Sign up for ClickBank marketplace account, choose a niche and pick an offer.
  3. Create the campaign on Bing Advertisement platform.
  4. Collect the money you have made.

Now let’s go through the implementation of each step. Let’s start with Step 1

How To Sign Up
For Bing Advertising Account

  • Step 1: Go to the bing ads site by clicking in this link. Click the “Sign up for Bing Ads” button if you don’t have already an account as shown in the image below:


  • Step 2: After the registration process go and add the payment method for your Bing Account by clicking this link. See the picture below where you should go for access. Click Accounts & Billing” to add the payment method. This is how Bing is going to charge your for the clicks!


How To Sign Up For A
ClickBank MarketPlace?

  • Step 1: Please go to the ClickBank site by clicking this link . Click the button “CREATE ACCOUNT” if you don’t have already one as shown in the figure below:



  • Step 2: After you have created the account, go and log in to your ClickBank account with username and password and go to the marketplace as shown in the figure below:



After clicking the Marketplace, categories and subcategories appear as shown below:



  • Step 3 – Click on of the subcategories or you can click to the search box on the top right corner and type the name of the product if you already know. In our case I’m typing the name of the product named “long tail pro”:


Let’s explained what those stats means:

# Initial $/sale – This is the average amount that an affiliate earns for each sale of the product. One-time upsell purchases are also considered initial sales. This number takes into account refunds, charge backs, and sales tax.

# Avg %/sale – For every purchase of this product, this amount is the average  you’d make in total over the life of a new customer.

# Avg Rebill Total -This number shows the average amount an affiliate makes on all of the rebilled sales (membership sites), excluding the initial sale.

#Avg %/rebill – Tells if the vendor offers recurring billing products (membership sites), and shows the average commission rate earned only on rebills.

#Grav – Stands for “Gravity”. This number represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the product over the past 12 weeks.

#Cat – Represents the category of the products

  • Step 4 – Click the button “PROMOTE” from as shown in the picture above and this window shows up:


  • Step 5 – Type the tracking Id if you want, in this case is 823 and and click the button “CREATE” and this window shows up. The link highlighted with red color is your affiliate link that brings you commissions for the sales you make.



  • Step 6 – Copy that link and save it somewhere like google docs or somewhere else where you won’t forget it! Now let’s go and see

How To Create The
Bing Campaign?

  • Step 1 – Log into Bing Advertisement account.
  • Step 2 – Click the button “Create Campaign” as shown below:



  • Step 3 – Fill the campaign data by registering the name and filling the budget with $5 and choosing the option “Accelerated”.



  • Step 4 – Select the location where the ads where should be appeared. For the purpose of this demonstration I have selected few countries and in the end of the form in the section “Who should see your ads” – uncheck the second option.


  • Step 5 – In the end click the button “Save & go to the next step” as shown below:


  • Step 6 – New page appears that shows the campaign settings. Fill website by putting the URL that you have generated from the ClickBank. Then write the group name. The purpose of the group is to test different keywords and different ads. And in the third section put down the keywords that the visitor searches for. You are starting by bidding on the exact product name. It’s legal according to Bing Terms and Services. But you also have to read the terms and services of the product if the vendor of that product allows bidding on product name. Some vendors allow and some don’t. In the end click the button “Save & go to the next step”.


  • Step 7 – Now it’s time to create the ads, first click on the link as shown below:



  • Step 8 – Ad creation process. There are two options for the “Ad type” and they are “Expanded Text Ad” and “Text Ad”. Expanded Text Ads are new, mobile-first ad type, designed to engage with potential customers before they click on the ad and also allows for to add more ad copy.  In this case we are using “Text Ad” but feel free to use Expanded Text Ads as well and run them in parallel. “At title” is going to be the name of the product. “At text” is going to be: Step by step system! Thousands of profitable, targeted keywords.  “Display URL” put there the name of the site you are targeting. You can play around with the display URL in order to increase conversions. “Landing page” – select “Final URL” and put your affiliate links to the text boxes. In the end click the button “Save and create another” because we want to create the second ad for split testing.


  • Step 9 – Creating another ad for split testing as shown below. We are only changing the “At text” and see how it works! Note that you take the “Ad text” from the landing page you are promoting!


  • Step 10 – Now click the button “Save & go to the next step” as shown below:


  • Step 11 -After saving the ads the final form shows up:


  • Step 12 – Click the “Ad distribution” link, uncheck the “Search network” checkbox and click the button “Save”:


  • Step 13: Now go and select the campaign and group as shown below:


  • Step 14: Click the “Search network” link:


and change the bid to 0.30 as shown below:


and click the save button.

  • Step 15: Let’s review a little bit the keywords and tweak them. Click to keywords tab then go to match as shown below:


  • Step 16: To “Match type” field click the edit icon and a pop up shows up and change it to “Exact” option as showed below:



When you’re done this is how it looks:



  • Step 17: Now go and click the button “Add Keywords” as shown below:


  • Step 18: Ad the same keyword but with the match type “Broad” as shown below:


and this is the form how it looks when you added the keywords:


Let’s explain the match type terms:

  • Broad match – it’s when you want to expose your ads to a wider audience. With broad match, you’ll get more impressions with a shorter list of keywords.
  • Phrase match – when the order of terms in your keyword is important to its meaning. Phrase match increase the relevance of the matching queries as compared with broad match.
  • Exact match – match the exact keywords. While you’ll get fewer impressions, you may get a higher click-through rate (CTR), because your ad is shown to an audience looking for exactly what you’re advertising.
  • Content Match – it’s for better targeting on content networks


  • Direct Affiliate Marketing 
  • One-time payment – means there is only product to buy during the buying process. There is no up sell or down sell.
  • Recurring/re billing payments – where you pay a monthly fee to use the product (ex. membership site)
  • Keywords – those are the words when a visitor types on search engines (such as: Google, Bing/Yahoo etc)
  • Vendor – The owner of the product
  • Membership sites – where you pay a monthly fee for being a subscriber
  • CTR – stands for Click Through Rate. It is a measure of how many clicks your ads get as a percentage of impressions, and therefore of how targeted your ads are. 

Article Summary:

  • You have learned what ClickBank is!
  • You have learned how to pick a ClickBank product to promote by generating it’s affiliate link!
  • You have learned what BingAds Advertising is!
  • You have learned the 4 keyword match types!
  • You have learned how to create a Bing campaign!
  • You have learned how to create an Ad title!
  • You have learned how to do keyword research!

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